Hello I’m suggs, an unusual fellow,
sometimes loud, I’m usually mellow,
introverted and quite shy,
or larger than life, reaching for the sky,
when I was a kid, i used to dream,
of being norrrrmal, whatever that means.
 trying to concentrate, while they tried to educate,
drifting in slow motion from the front to the back of the class,
I used to sit, sit feeling blue,
until i realised everyone else does too,
that everybody is basically the same,
the same fears and worries, same pain,
scared inside, sometimes insecure,
about nothing really, a feeling there must be more,
more of what you are, of what you wanted to be,
the more i realised, the more i see,
you are what you are, you are what yo are,
f*cked up, mixed up, you’re a shining starrrrrrr!!!

Welcome to suggsys yard, i do hope find something interesting, speak soon. x